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Jon Case - March, 1961 For years I have intended to write about my few years of experiences at the Lambertville Music Circus. At times it was going to be a book, then a movie; I even imagined what a good TV show it would make. Not because of what I did while working there, but what I saw and experienced. The theater, as we all know, is rife with wonderful, colorful personalities and characters. The great and small glories and heartbreaks I witnessed in the 5 years I was there must be only a small glimpse of the many stories played out over the more than 20 years the Music Circus existed.

Jon Case as Elliot Roosevelt and St. John Terrell as Franklin Delano Roosevelt in 'Sunrise at Campobello'
Jon Case as Elliot Roosevelt and St. John Terrell as Franklin Delano Roosevelt in "Sunrise at Campobello" September 20 to October 2, 1960. Shirl Conway played Eleanor and Nancy Cushman played FDR's mother, Sara Delano Roosevelt.
Of course, I was a young stage-struck kid and was lucky enough to get a few small roles, like the one pictured at the right, and in the chorus of "Bye Bye Birdie", and would you believe, "Three Penny Opera". But most of my time was spent either running scenery, working in the scene shop, or in the box office. It didn't matter. I was around the theater and the people I loved.

So, before there is a book or TV show, there is this web site. I hope to be able to fill it with photos, stories, and memories of this very magical time on a hilltop above Lambertville, NJ.

Please help me by letting others you know who might have something to contribute visit this site. Thank you.

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